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Fifth Tuesday Stories

Fifth Tuesday stories
August 29, 2017
Writing challenge: Write a fishing story.

Max length: 500 words

The tree and He

Amit Trivedi

He poured himself a glass of wine and gazed outside through his window. The pain was still there, and he knew it would get worse. The long shadow of the barren oak tree reminded him of the long, unadorned tresses of a poor bride. What do I remind the tree of? he wondered.

They both had grown together – his father had planted the tree when he was born nearly ninety two years ago. He would not last much longer, but the tree had many years left to suffer!

Memories wrapped themselves in tears. He saw himself climbing the tree, gathering its leaves, tying a hammock and breaking his wrist when the rope had come loose. Instinctively, he touched his wrist and ran his finger over the mark that was still there. And he saw his wife lying in the hammock, reading Omar Khayyam.

There was the Door to which I found no Key;
There was the Veil through which I might not see;
Some little talk awhile of Me and Thee
There was – and then no more of Thee and Me.

“Do you remember?” he asked, looking at the framed picture of his wife next to Khayyam’s book. (more…)


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Writer’s Mail

Writer’s Mail
Tuesdays with Story
January 18, 2017



Due to road conditions, the 1-17-17 TWS meeting was canceled at 5.30pm. Several members didn’t see the message, which came through on a thread rather than its own email. Apparently, at least four members showed up but didn’t see each other. (Tracey was in the coffee shop section – the tomato-pesto caprese comes highly recommended.) Apologies for the confusion. If there is a need to cancel again, hopefully a designated email will notify everyone.


A big thank you to Jerry and Marge Peterson for hosting the TWS Post-holiday party on January 7th. If you missed it, the decorations were spectacular, the company delightful, the split pea soup delicious, and the various dishes to pass a real treat. Who knew John Schneller was famous for sour cream chocolate cake? Here’s to next year …


Submissions for the writing contest are due by midnight on January 22nd. Forward entries to Jerry.

Here’s everything you need to know to win a critique of 50 pages of the book you’re writing, the critique to be provided by a published author . . . TWS alumnus and sci-fi writer Pat Tomlinson. Pat has three novels out and a fourth under contract. (more…)

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Fifth Tuesday stories
January 31, 2017

Writing challenge: Write the very best short story, essay or poem you can with this as your writing prompt: The clock struck 11:59 p.m. on December 31st. So-and-so turned, tipped his or her glass to you (or to a fictional character) and said thoughtfully, “You know, I’ve been meaning to tell you this all year . . .” Max length: 500 words


The Ball at Mawley

Eva Mays

Miss Maria Welles was gratified that the drawing room door muffled the sounds of the quadrille, creating an environment much more conducive to engaging in the conversation she very much hoped was forthcoming.

Lieutenant Ashton tipped his glass to her and said thoughtfully, “I’ve been meaning to tell you this all year…”

He tapped his forefinger against th (more…)

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Writer’s Mail
Tuesdays with Story
December 19, 2016


It happened Tuesday evening . . .

A dozen TWS writers gathered at the Alicia Ashman Branch Library two weeks ago for cookies and critiques. Here’s who was up:

Pat Edwards (rough draft, chapter, What to Pack for a Hero’s Journey) – Pat submitted a very rough, transcription based chapter for her non-fiction book.  Most of the feedback was that it was too hard to read in the transcription format.  Once the purpose was explained, though, many people had good ideas for the book, including using more “real people” stories, references to myths, and deeper explanation of the monomyth (The Hero’s Journey).

Amber Boudreau (chapter 11, The Dragoneer) – John thought the beginning of the chapter (Chapter 11) needed a better hook. Kashmira thought the start of the second paragraph was a better hook. Cindy too felt the beginning was a bit out of order. John thought some stronger word choices would help one character’s dialogue and would like to see Moira pick up a bit more of her training instead of just be told about it. Tracey liked the humanizing elements used to describe the dragon.

John Schneller (chapter 7, Final Stronghold) – The increased action as compared to previous chapters was appreciated. A request for better descriptions of the dragon, especially the unique characteristics, was requested. Using chapters to separate scene changes instead of asterick denoted scene changes was discussed. My desire was to infer concurrent timelines, but I will consider this. A couple snaffoos were noted. A bear should never roar like a lion, and the colloquialism ‘pan out’ was identified. (more…)

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Writer’s Mail
Tuesdays with Story
October 7, 2016

Who’s up next . . .

October 11:

October 18:   Millie Mader (poem), Hannah Marshall (poems), Nora O’Reilly (chapter, Bill McCormick’s Bliss), Judith McNeil (???), Tracey Gemmell (chapter 1,new novel), and Amber Boudreau (chapter 9, The Dragoneer).

October 25:

November 1: Pat Edwards (???), Kashmira Sheth (???), John Schneller (chapter 6, Final Stronghold), Eva Mays (chapter, Dhuoda), Bob Kralapp (???), and Mike Austin (synopsis and Jim chapter, Before I Leave).

Tuesday eve at the B&N . . .

Guest and now new member Tracey Gemmell joined the circle of first-and-thirders gathered to critique a cluster of chapters. Here’s some of what was shared:

Amber Boudreau (chapter 8, The Dragoneer) . . . Amber read from the beginning of chapter 8 of The Dragoneer. Pat liked it, but wondered if/when we were going to meet another character from a previous draft (This sounds like the title to a story someone hasn’t written, yet: Character From a Previous Draft. Horror, perhaps?) Amber told her she doesn’t have long to wait. Eva noted a particular sentence that was repetitive. Amber vowed to change it. Kashmira thought one character would show more surprised about the things he was seeing, but Amber said he wouldn’t because he already read about them. (more…)

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Fifth Tuesday stories
August 30, 2016
Writing challenge: A superhero makes a career change. Do not identify the superhero you select in your story, but do plant enough clues that readers can guess who it is.

Max length: 500 words


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Writer’s Mail
Tuesdays with Story
August 17, 2016

The first word . . .

“Writing isn’t a hobby. It’s hard work.” – Jessie Burton (1983- ), British novelist


Who’s up next . . .

August 23:

August 30: Fifth Tuesday!

September 6: Pat Edwards (???), Randy Slagel (part ???, “Watered-Down Witch”), Amber Boudreau (chapter 7, The Dragoneer), John Schneller (chapter 5, Final Stronghold), Mike Austin (chapter, Before I Leave), and Bob Kralapp (poem, “March Morning at the Library”).

September 13:

September 20:  Millie Mader (poem), Hannah Marshall (poems), Nora O’Reilly (chapter, Bill McCormick’s Bliss), Eva Mays (chapter, Dhuoda), Judith McNeil (???), Amit Trivedi (chapter, novel), and Cindi Dyke (chapter, North Road).


Tuesday eve at the B&N . . .

A dozen first-and-thirders circled up to critique three poems, a short story, and a whole bunch of chapters. Here are the results:

–  Millie Mader (poem, “Ballad of the Tower) . . . My poem seemed quite well received. We had visited The Tower on three separate occasions, and were always fascinated with it and the history it held. An interesting sight was Henry The Eighth’s suits of armor.. His youthful vestment was slim and attractive. The one from his late years was huge!

Hannah Marshall (poems, “Gerontology” and “Thunderstorm”) . . . editor’s note: These two poems were received to high acclaim, and a request voiced to merge the two titles on Hannah’s next submission. (more…)

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