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Writer’s Mail
Tuesdays with Story
May 24, 2019


The gathering

TWS alumnus Shel Ellestad returning made it a dozen writers who clustered around tables at B&N Westside Tuesday evening. They critiqued the works of six of their colleagues. Here are some of the thoughts that were shared:

Chris Zoern (chapter 2, Apostate):

Kashmira Sheth and Amit Trivedi (chapters, untitled novel):

Cindi Dyke (chapters 9-10, The Mansion Secrets):  Lots of discussion on unpleasant smells, specifically ‘stench’ and whether or not you can collide with it. Larry said no. Tracey considered her son’s shoes, Cindi considered changing a diaper, and both adamantly agreed the answer is yes.  Obviously, Larry changes his socks but has not changed diapers. Carved pumpkins could have a moldy smell, but Jerry pointed out they wouldn’t have time to get moldy in just 3 days. Mike suggested Wart could wonder if it is the smell of blood. Several agreed that Clifford’s speech pattern needs to reflect his disability. Issues with POV and overuse of filters needs to be addressed. John said he bought into the story line and liked the ending. Thanks to all – I appreciate your feedback. (more…)


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Writer’s Mail
Tuesdays with Story
April 24, 2019

Way back in the bookstore

Ten writers trooped into B&N Westside last week to hear Tracey Gemmell, Larry Sommers, and Paul Wagner share about what they learned at Writers Institute held a couple weeks ago in Madison. Our writers also critiqued the works of six of their colleagues. Here is some of what was said:


Tracey Gemmell (query letter and synopsis, Life Like Lavender) . . . Most agreed the synopsis for Life Like Lavender was too long. Larry also suggesting cutting much from the query letter and replacing it with more wit. Many thanks for your suggestions.


Kashmira Sheth and Amit Trivedi (chapters 12-13, untitled novel) . . .  Amit and Kashmira submitted chapters of their book. Readers wanted to see more interaction between Uma and her father to show she was aware of what was going on in the country. Also, some part of Kedar’s chapter sounded more like stage direction and readers wanted more description of what Virabha looked like. Thank you all for your comments. We will work on the chapters. (more…)

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