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Tuesdays With Story
Writer’s Mail for July 8, 2010
by Greg Spry

Next Fifth Tuesday – August 31
Our next Fifth Tuesday feast and festival of writing is August 31. Where, we don’t know. But we do know what the writing challenge is: You’re late for work because you overslept. Your boss hates oversleepers, but he does love entertaining stories. Create the most outlandish excuse for why you were late . . . and do it in no more than 400 words.

Here are two things you should do now:
– Put our Fifth Tuesday event on your calendar. First-and-third hosts.
– Write your Fifth Tuesday mini-masterpiece now. There isn’t a good reason to put it off. Yah, right, I overslept. Who’s gonna believe that?

Who’s Up Next? 
July 13: Holly Bonnicksen-Jones (???), Randy Haselow (chapter, Hona and the Dragon), Ann Potter (chapter), Jack Freiburger (chapter, Return to Bray’s Head), Patrick Tomlinson (???), Andrea Kirchman (???), with Dan Hamre as alternate.

July 20: Randy Haselow (chapter, Hona and the Dragon), Nicole Rosario (???), Jen Wilcher (chapter, Memories Awakened), Judith McNeil (radio play/part 2, “South to Sunday”), Patrick Tomlinson (short story/part 2, “Downloading Death”), and Karl Bryan (short story, “Dubai Stopwatch”/part 2). (more…)


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Tuesdays With Story Writers Mail, June 28, 2010
by Jen Wilcher

Tuesday Night at the Bookstore

Kim: City of Winter: Hero’s age is unclear. Snotty nose kids are usually younger than thirteen, need to clarify age, scene a bit thin, discussion on how to develop his anger at the ocean, Jack carried on as usual about cinemagraphic writing, landscape levels and referent development, etc. Group moved on to …

Dan: Idolatry: Most liked the dialogue, but some suggest the story could use some compression, street light in a blackout? Patrick suggested “a miracle”, Jack a burning dumpster as the Christmas Star, second wave objections to Mary Magdalene as a stripper, Patrick lead group prayer for divine guidance. As no guidance came we turned to….

Jen: Group applauded big improvement in the rewrite of her chapter, most corrections were grammatical, migraines discussed, some objections to type of headache

Randy: Hona and the Dragon: Does a child know what an Equinox is? Is a dragon feline or leonine? Extensive discussion on lengths of sword and daggers, simile for claws, Hona at eleven must not baby talk, possibly change her mis-pronunciation of Firebreath’s name, Jack liked even tone and it quality.

Ann Potter: Memoir: A nasty scene well done, ending in a faint, discussion on how to craft jump-cut to the unconscious/regained consciousness, changes in tense useful but not consistent.

Jack: Bray’s Head: Problem with old men’s dialogue, sounds southern, Andrea says what Jack reads is an improvement over what he writes. He hopes she takes shorthand.

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Some of the “old” members of the group will remember me. I wanted to let everyone know that my book, The Journey Takers, comes out this summer.  It is the same book once called Generations: A Journey Through History that the group once edited many moons ago – and many versions ago, too. The writing group there in Madison is in my acknowledgments!!

I am driving from Massachusetts to California this July to promote the book – and I have a stop in Madison. I am speaking at the Sequoya branch of  the Madison library on Thursday, July 8 at 7 p.m. I would love to see some members of the group. – Leslie Huber

Leslie also has a website at www.understandingyourancestors.com

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