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Tuesdays With Story
Writer’s Mail for July 8, 2010
by Greg Spry

Next Fifth Tuesday – August 31
Our next Fifth Tuesday feast and festival of writing is August 31. Where, we don’t know. But we do know what the writing challenge is: You’re late for work because you overslept. Your boss hates oversleepers, but he does love entertaining stories. Create the most outlandish excuse for why you were late . . . and do it in no more than 400 words.

Here are two things you should do now:
– Put our Fifth Tuesday event on your calendar. First-and-third hosts.
– Write your Fifth Tuesday mini-masterpiece now. There isn’t a good reason to put it off. Yah, right, I overslept. Who’s gonna believe that?

Who’s Up Next? 
July 13: Holly Bonnicksen-Jones (???), Randy Haselow (chapter, Hona and the Dragon), Ann Potter (chapter), Jack Freiburger (chapter, Return to Bray’s Head), Patrick Tomlinson (???), Andrea Kirchman (???), with Dan Hamre as alternate.

July 20: Randy Haselow (chapter, Hona and the Dragon), Nicole Rosario (???), Jen Wilcher (chapter, Memories Awakened), Judith McNeil (radio play/part 2, “South to Sunday”), Patrick Tomlinson (short story/part 2, “Downloading Death”), and Karl Bryan (short story, “Dubai Stopwatch”/part 2). (more…)


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