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Tuesdays with Story
WRITER’S MAIL for December 31, 2010
by Clayton Gill

Good Words from Way Back
“There is a woman in the state of Nevada to whom I once lied continuously, consistently, and shamelessly, for the matter of a couple of hours. I don’t want to apologize to her. Far be it from me. But I do want to explain. Unfortunately, I don’t know her name, much less her present address. If her eyes should chance upon these lines, I hope she will write to me.” – Jack London (1876-1916), opening paragraph in The Road (1907).

Last Call for the Holidays
You’re still invited: Saturday, January 8, 2:00 p.m. join fellow TWS members at the home of Jerry Peterson and Marge Smith Peterson for their Post-Christmas get-together.

However, please do the following: (1) Let Jerry know you’re coming ; (2) ask fellow TWS writers about carpooling (Clayton Gill, Millie Mader, and Randy Haselow still have a backseat in a Honda Civic); and (3) bring post-Christmas reading to the party for barter or banter.

Reading Recap: December 28 Meeting
Second and Fourth group met at the Sundance Theater & Café in the Hilldale Mall to hear work by Kim Simmons, Terry Hoffman, Randy Haselow, Leah Wilbur, and Holly Bonnicksen-Jones.

Kim Simmons read from a chapter of City of Winter. Members offered a number of questions: Why does Ryoko trust the voices that claim to be Fate and Destiny? What distinguishes the two? Why is she horrified by the encounter? One suggestion was that Ryoko should test the accuracy of the unseen writer. Even creepier would be if her thoughts appeared on the page. Other questions for Kim included: Why does Ryoko sometimes slip into a modern and slangy idiom? What’s with all the loose women surrounding the king? And, why does the king, having only met the disguised Ryoko for the first time, now entrust her to lead an important mission?

Terry Hoffman presented Chapter 6 of The Tome. Members commended Terry for “great descriptions.” They also noted needless repetition in the protagonist’s internal monologues. Questions for Terry included: What should we make of Aunt Ace? Do we trust her? The Tome seems to corrupt the relationships of those who desire it – is that idea important to the story? (more…)


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