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Tuesdays with Story
November 1, 2017

Last night at Jack’s place  

Eight around the table, plus four stories, one poem, two soups, lotsa cheese, salad, wine, beer, but no John Schneller apple pie. John was away at a seminar for work.

The poem and stories are up on our Yahoo group – you can read them there – and soon they will be up on our TWS web page.

Our next Fifth Tuesday

Put it on your calendar now, January 30. Amber Boudreau will host us at her home. One caution, says Amber. She has both cats and kids, so if you have an allergy to either . . .

We do have a writing challenge: Animal stories!

Such a broad topic gives each of us a lot of latitude in selecting our subject and the viewpoint from which we want to write. Yes, it can be a dog story with a dog telling the story.

The usual limit, 500 words.

Who’s up next week  (more…)

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