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Writer’s Mail
Week of April 23, 2014

April editor . . .
Andy Pfeiffer continues as the editor for Writers Mail this month. Next month, Lisa McDougal takes on the job.

Minutes from Tuesday . . .
2nd & 4th is beginning to look like a class reunion with the recent return of members like Roxanne, Rebecca, and now Liam! Welcome back!

Deb Kellerman started the evening off with the second half of chapter 3 of The Crossing Guard. Carol likes that the characters seem very clear, especially Allie and Rose. Holly suggested trimming a lot of extra words, and also wondered if Rose might challenge Allie’s opinion of Matt. She is somewhat passive and even if she doesn’t challenge her friend out loud, she is probably thinking it. Jack wanted a bit more distinction in each character’s voice, the way they spoke, mannerisms, actions. Also thought Rose might have some emotional thoughts in her interpretation of how Matt might feel about her. Jen said not to forget physical reactions from the characters in describing them, too. Roxanne thought it should be more clear at the end if Matt is within earshot of the conversation Allie and Rose are having.

Kristen Oakley brought in a character piece called “The Bomb.” Rebecca, speaking from an illustrator’s point of view, pointed out that “extremely average” is actually very attractive when it comes to features and the way people see others. Jack thought there was conflict between the character being highly recognizable and yet anonymous. Terry found it wonderfully creepy and wanted to read more. Carol liked the voice, the way the piece flowed. Very easy to read. Holly wants more information on the characters motivations. (more…)


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