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Writer’s Mail
Tuesdays with Story
February 26, 2016


NY Times Haiku


By Jacob Harris

Whimsy is not a quality we usually associate with computer programs. We tend to think of software in terms of the function it fulfills. For example, a spreadsheet helps us do our work. A game of Tetris provides a means of procrastination. Social media reconnects us with our high school nemeses. But what about computer code that serves no inherent purpose in itself?

There is pleasure to

be had here, in flares of spice

that revive and warm.

This is a Tumblr blog of haikus found within The New York Times. Most of us first encountered haikus in a grade school, when we were taught that they are three-line poems with five syllables on the first line, seven on the second and five on the third. According to the Haiku Society of America, that is not an ironclad rule. A proper haiku should also contain a word that indicates the season, or “kigo,” as well as a juxtaposition of verbal imagery, known as “kireji.” That’s a lot harder to teach an algorithm, though, so we just count syllables like most amateur haiku aficionados do. (more…)


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Writer’s Mail

Writer’s Mail
March 20, 2012

“A white blank page…and a swelling rage…”-Mumford and Sons, “White Blank Page”

Second and Forth Recap
Terry Hoffman, The Great Tome
• Jen suggested that there needed to be a better transition from the present section to the flashback section.
• Kristin liked the inner dialogue especially the part where things seem normal
• Rachel doesn’t want to mess things up.
• Carol liked the dialogue. She noted a place that needed more physical gestures when the mother was talking about Doug.

Carol Hornung, Sapphire Lodge
• Holly asked what was the purpose of the scene. Carol replied that the scene brings up suspicion on a few characters.
• Jen felt that the scene was short and could be expanded upon. Carol said another scene afterwards brings everything into more context.
• Holly asked Carol to expand the two small scenes in this segment and expand Rita’s character. The reader needs to understand why Saffi is worried for Rita.

Liam Wilbur, The Payment
• Kateline suggested that Liam show the bad guys removing shards of glass from the window before entering the house.
• Holly suggested that Nick try to hid, but didn’t have time to hide properly.
• Carol asked if one of the bad guys was searching the house, why he didn’t find the other kids. She suggested that Liam explore that idea.
• Terry suggested Nick shows some regret for throwing the brick.
• Jen suggested that Liam provide more description of the place.
• Carol said that the dialogue seems modern. (more…)

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