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March 22, 2019


Once more unto the rectangular tables


Ten writers gathered around a real table at B&N Westside when last we met. Here are some of the points that were shared in the critiques:


Lisa McDougal (chapter 9 rewrite, The Tebow Family Secret) . . .  Here are the notes I got from yesterday. I don’t remember who all said what so I’ll just say what was said. No inner analysis from Ahna which made it hard to know whose mind we were in. Calling the father “Mr. Tebow” considered to be too formal. The chapter was very talky, so needs something to break it up. More emotion needed. The father needs to come off a bit more ruthless with others if he’s going to be so sweet to Ahna. Also, need to narrow down what drugs Ahna was on.


Larry Sommers (experimental blog posts) . . .  Mention of “Low Point” without clarification that it was a small town in Illinois caused confusion. Everybody seemed to think the concept of combining a brief fictional vignette with a longer non-fiction reflection on the same historical material was a viable and interesting concept. BUT, blog posts normally tend to be shorter, and Jerry pointed out that if you don’t post something weekly, folks are not likely to get in the habit of coming back. Tracey suggested finding some way to relate this content more closely to my longer historical fiction, which I’d like to promote. Lisa pointed out that podcasts are becoming the blogs of now. Jack suggested there may be some centralized website that functions as a sort of clearinghouse or reference point for historical-fiction-related blogs. Thanks, everybody, for the helpful comments.


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