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Writer’s Mail for 05/14/13

“A character is never the author who created him. It is quite likely, however, that an author may be all his characters simultaneously. “– Albert Camus

Tuesday at B&N . . .

Amber shared chapter thirteen of Noble with the group. Lisa took notes. Judith liked the chapter and was interested to see where it would lead concerning the main character’s training. Lisa thought the chapter ended on a good note. Pat had a couple of questions about entering the woods and things going quiet. She also has a question about bow anatomy. Andy didn’t think the chapter had a enough zing and suggested putting it on a shelf and coming back to it later.

Mike shared a poem with the group. He doesn’t have copies so we all listened. Betsy and Andy liked the last line. Pat liked the rhythm but one of the lines didn’t resonate with her. She says she needs to read a poem a couple of times before she gets it. Pat and Lisa found a lot of power in the words and expect that Mike would channel a Maori warrior when he reads it. Mike says he felt that way when he read it. The second poem Mike shares with the group is a letter to a person who had a lot of influence on him as he was growing up. Betsy and Pat think it could be turned into a prose poem format and suggest editing it down. Lisa knows the music Mike is referring to and is in favor of polishing it up and sending it to them.

Lisa shared part of chapter one of Tebow Family Secret. Andy thought it was an effective opening but that there was a lot of info dropped on the reader. Pat thought a lot of what she read could be cut and instead sprinkled in with her visit to the therapist. Pat thinks a therapist wouldn’t ask a lot of yes or no questions, but more leading, open-ended questions. Andy liked the ending but Pat thought she could have left it in a cliffhanger. The group looks up and briefly discusses what a chiasma is in literature.

Judith shared part of chapter one of My Mother, Savior of Men. Lisa says she knows she knows mothers like the one in the story. Pat liked the word choice. Andy didn’t believe a woman of ninety-five wouldn’t sleep that much. Also he thought there was an info dump at the end though Pat liked the narrative at the end because it made a good story. Lisa wanted more of one character and agreed with Andy about the end. (more…)


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Albert Camus:
“The purpose of a writer is to keep civilization from destroying itself.”

Tuesdays With Story Writers Mail, May 6, 2010
by Carol Shay Hornung

Note from the Editor: Hi gang. I’m jumping in to do the newsletter in May . . . Please send anything you might think would be useful. I’m aiming to have it out every Thursday, so with luck, here goes . . .

Tuesday Night at the Bookstore
Notes from Amber, 1st and 3rd

We are seven. Let’s see…yes, we have a male presence – Clayton! Now, we are eight. Woot, one more guy, Greg and finally John! And one newbie, Gwendolyn.

Pat is our facilitator for tonight!

Millie – Kim liked Zak in his hunky coat. Pat wondered if Erin’s parents would be amazed at how pretty she is or more about how grown up she looks. Millie gives us some background. Cathy was looking for more information on the debate at the end of the chapter. Clayton found lots of opportunities for detailing the relationship between Erin and her parents. Greg thought it flowed well but was looking for more drama. Nicole thought she could expand on conversations after consumption of the pot brownies.

Cathy – Millie thinks the analogies were great. Greg wants to know about beer, but doesn’t think there should be an overload of beer. John thinks we’re looking for a good story, not how to make beer. Clayton thinks some knowledge of beer should go toward solving the murder. Clayton thinks there’s opportunity for disagreement. Pat likes the characters and their dimensionality. Pat invents a new word – klugy, the opposite of elegant. John also liked the characterization of Nine. Greg thought it flowed well. (more…)

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