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Tuesdays with Story
September 20, 2015


“Half my life is an act of revision.”– John Irving


Notes from September 2015, Week 3

Lisa MP, Tebow Family Secret, chapter 38-39: Mo thought chapter 38 should stay. POV of Geoff confusing. More discussion about what Tebows are doing while Ahna is missing. Judith says condense chp 38. Liked 39, Good sense of Izzy’s family. Pat agrees 38 should stay, but thinks Geoff comes off as a prick. Assistant should whisper information about Ahna. Thought chapter moved along well. Kashmira believes chapter 38 reinforces the Tebows motive and is intriguing. Thinks chapter 39 needs to have Izzy interact with kids more. Jerry can tell a clear distinction between Ahna and Izzy.

Millie, Epilogue for Life On Hold:  Lisa corrected CNN info because that network was not in existence during the time of the epilogue. She also believes this should be further along in their lives. Pat think maybe have others describe what’s happening. Comes across as a list of things instead of a story. Pat and Jerry don’t believe an epilogue is needed. Group agrees this doesn’t add much to her story and that her last chapter was a better ending. (more…)

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