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Writer’s Mail 4/27/2010
by Kimberly Simmons

“Start doing more; it’ll stop all these moods you’re having.”  – Ray Bradbury

Last Week
Kim – Millie and others are able to follow the story better now. Alicia wants to know why Ryoko isn’t dead from the bite. Pat thought there was some magic in the cloak. Jerry didn’t think Ryoko would be able to grab the snout of the creature as it’s biting her. Nicole wants to know why James has such a classic name whereas nearly every other character has a fantastic name. Pat wants to know why James is running through the jungle yelling, no sign of life anywhere. Kane thought the chapter ‘Darkness’ was a little too dark. How would adversaries know where their targets are? John asks for a character description of Ryoko. Kane got 19,000 hits when he googled “…an ice chill ran down her spine…”

Amber – Jerry – one more water balloon. Alicia – What’s happened in the meetings between Moira and the Wyvern? Over those weeks…what happened. John – What does and doesn’t he talk about. Nicole – spicy food, something different, build on it. Kim bothered by the end. Did she see him coming in? Kane found the language ‘caught sight,’ archaic.

Jen – Pat thought it was much better this time. She got a better sense of physical space. Millie was happy to get a list of characters via e-mail. Alicia would still like to see more description. People in law enforcement could have little descriptors to help ID them. And characters could be revealed through dress. Jerry wonders about the time release. Alicia has a work around. Kathy wonders if there will be more about the research facility.

Pat – Ladies of the Garden Club: Every variety of monkshood is poisonous. Jerry liked that all the ladies were growing something dangerous in their garden. Alicia caught a whiff of “Arsenic and Old Lace.” Could Latin names be used? Kim wants more. For My Prison: Alicia – absolutely loves the first version. Jen thought so too. John thought Pat captured the prison idea very well and wondered if an idea of escape could be offered at the end instead of directions. Shel had a problem with looking up toward the sky, ‘cause wouldn’t it be concrete?

Alicia – Pat thanks her for finally letting us know who wins, but she didn’t buy Lincoln’s internal dialogue about not wanting to win the case. Cathy, respectfully disagrees. She enjoyed reading his internal dialogue. Nicole thought the struggle had to come a little earlier along with more of it. Shel thinks there might be some pain associated with trying to win the case – physical? Kane disagrees with Pat as well and getting away from the image of ‘Honest Abe.” John wonders if he couldn’t include his thoughts about not wanting to win in his closing argument – Pat would buy that.


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