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Writer’s Mail

Writer’s Mail

Tuesdays with Story
September 6, 2019

The first word . . .

“Most things I love to do are like writing, in a way. I love to cook, but that’s putting things together to make a new thing. It’s creating. I love to garden, but that’s generative, too. I love to dance, and that’s about finding a rhythm that’s pleasing to you. Maybe everything’s a little like writing.”

― Less Smith (1944- ), novelist and short-story writer

Tuesday evening at the bookstore . . .

Ten writers and one guest, Melissa Zernick, gathered to critique the works of five of their colleagues. Here is some of what was shared:

— Cindi Dyke (back cover blurb, The Mansion Secrets): What started up as a blurb grew into a synopsis which the group critiqued. Tracey felt it needed to be written in a younger voice and that the personality of the main characters needed to be brought out. Several thought an example of the humor needs to be included. Several good thoughts on what should be deleted to create space for the additions. Amber wondered if the secrets inside the mansion walls were literally in the wall. Good points. Thanks everyone (more…)

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