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February 28, 2014

Second and Fourth Meeting February 25, 2014 at Barnes and Noble
Warm and cozy at Barnes & Noble Tuesday night… it was an all-girls night as we read through three pieces.

Ruth Imhoff brought in her short story contest submission, “Futile.” Deb and Katelin weren’t entirely certain of how it ended. Carol figured out where Ruth was going, but wasn’t quite sure how she’d gotten there. It’s not clear that the main character is a courier and that if he can only evade capture for a few hours, he’ll be safe. Holly liked certain elements of the story being vague, especially since the limit of 500 words is so tight. She suggested looking for use of the word “was” and figuring shorter ways to say the same thing – frees up space for more to be put into the story. Jen thought the needle at the end of the story might have been the tracker. Enjoyed the suspense and flow of the story.

Holly Bonnicksen-Jones read a chapter from Coming Up for Air. Katelin felt that it read well and enjoyed the scene with the characters being allowed to be “normal.” Carol wanted more of a pause after each text – something to interrupt the reader in the same way the text interrupts the conversation. Terry suggested putting in a reaction from Liza as she recognizes Ty pulling away from her. Jen thought perhaps she’d wonder if the texts were coming from a boyfriend? Kristin said she’s still not sure what the story is actually about, and we all discussed the character of Liza, where she came from and where she’s going. It’s important for the reader to be rooting for Liza to change, and needs to understand what is motivating that change.

Carol Hornung presented a scene from Ghost of Heffron College. Terry wanted to know more about how Kyle felt regarding the “nothingness” that Brandi is afraid of, and suggested tying it to his own situation. She also liked the connection of the people in Brandi’s past to people in Kyle’s present. Katelin suggested having Kyle hesitate before lighting the candle. Holly pointed out the inconsistency of the use of Overlook and Outlook. What is it? Also some concern that the narrative gets too negative on religion. Would be good to back off a bit. Maybe make discussion more conversational; what would Kyle’s professor’s say? (more…)

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