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Tuesdays with Story
October 7, 2016

Who’s up next . . .

October 11:

October 18:   Millie Mader (poem), Hannah Marshall (poems), Nora O’Reilly (chapter, Bill McCormick’s Bliss), Judith McNeil (???), Tracey Gemmell (chapter 1,new novel), and Amber Boudreau (chapter 9, The Dragoneer).

October 25:

November 1: Pat Edwards (???), Kashmira Sheth (???), John Schneller (chapter 6, Final Stronghold), Eva Mays (chapter, Dhuoda), Bob Kralapp (???), and Mike Austin (synopsis and Jim chapter, Before I Leave).

Tuesday eve at the B&N . . .

Guest and now new member Tracey Gemmell joined the circle of first-and-thirders gathered to critique a cluster of chapters. Here’s some of what was shared:

Amber Boudreau (chapter 8, The Dragoneer) . . . Amber read from the beginning of chapter 8 of The Dragoneer. Pat liked it, but wondered if/when we were going to meet another character from a previous draft (This sounds like the title to a story someone hasn’t written, yet: Character From a Previous Draft. Horror, perhaps?) Amber told her she doesn’t have long to wait. Eva noted a particular sentence that was repetitive. Amber vowed to change it. Kashmira thought one character would show more surprised about the things he was seeing, but Amber said he wouldn’t because he already read about them. (more…)


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Tuesdays with Story
October 16, 2013

“Easy reading is damned hard writing.” – Nathaniel Hawthorne

Notes from 10/15/2013
Lisa reads from the rewrite of her Chapter 4. Jerry didn’t get that one character was suffering from depression. Betsy thought the dialogue was very natural. Andy wonders why there is a bar at the library, but turns out it’s not just a library. Betsy questions the use of a certain word. Andy wonders how drunk one character really is. Pat wonders if the chapter might be stronger if she switches out the first two paragraphs. She suggest Lisa gets a real version of Word.

Bob shares Part two of Sunday Night. Judith was disappointed that the story ended. Andy was disappointed in the ending and wanted to know why one character was such a jerk and looking for others to theorize about it in the story. Pat was physically affected by the pathos of the characters. Bob wonders if there’s something missing. Jerry wonders why he chose to end the story with the focus in Chester. Amber reads an element of the supernatural and it reminds Pat of an old episode of The Outer Limits.

Andy shares Chapter four through six of The Void. Millie liked it and wonders about what the government is hiding from everyone. Jerry didn’t think it was a void because there are things there. Judith could see it animated. Pat thought it would be a good graphic novel. Pat also suggests writing down the rules for this universe somewhere. Pat also wants some mention of them wondering how they are going to get back in as they’ve just gotten out and they’re already planning about what they’re going to do when they get back in. (more…)

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Tuesdays with Story
WRITER’S MAIL for August 12, 2010
by Clayton Gill

Good Words from Way Back
“It is better to wear out than to rust out.” –Bishop Richard Cumberland in G. Horne’s The Duty of Contending for the Faith (1786), found in The Little Oxford Dictionary of Quotations

Pick Up a Few Bucks, Plus Free Tips
Tuesdays member Terry Hoffman reminds us that the 2010 Wisconsin Book Festival opens next month, September 29-October 3 in downtown Madison (http://www.wisconsinbookfestival.org/).

The Festival’s theme this year is “Beliefs.” Speakers include Marilyn Taylor, Wisconsin’s Poet Laureate, who brings together a panel of poets for an event called “The Gods Will See You Now: Five Wisconsin Poets on Matters of the Spirit.”

Also, Terry forwarded a “help wanted” notice from fellow Madison writer and Festival organizer Carrie Kilman, who is “looking for someone to help coordinate publicity, promotions and logistics for the 2010 Wisconsin Book Fest… as well as to help wrap up the Festival in the couple of weeks following. In all, the position would last about two months….

“The right person would be a dynamic self-starter, would love books and reading, would have event-planning/publicity experience (or transferable skills), and would be available for approximately 10-20 hours a week (and possibly more, if available). The position would start ASAP.

“This could be a good fit for freelance writers and/or anyone with a part-time job. If needed, most (though not all) of the work could feasibly be done during odd hours, outside of the 9-5 work day.” (more…)

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