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Tuesdays with Story
Newsletter for 6/4/2013

Firstly, Millie read her poem, “Apocalypse to Armageddon” to the group. Lisa noted that four, not six, people died in the Benghazi attack. Alicia said that “apocalypse” and “Armageddon” were very similar words. Pat asked Millie if she really believed her stance – Millie said she did, and Andy agreed. Alicia mentioned the Biblical undertones. Betsy mentioned the ending mentions that people should work on this problem, which was meaningful. Pat praised Millie’s imagery. Ruth said the line “Masses are maimed…” was clunky comparatively to the others; Andy questioned the rhythm of “Voices plead for…” as well. The rhyme of the poem was discussed, and it was agreed that the split rhyme was a good idea, and that rhyme is not passé.

Lisa presented Chapter 2 from The Tebow Family Secret. Betsy felt the story was compelling. Lisa thanked Alicia for mentioning that it felt like Adam was inside the building, and how London versus New York was confusing. Betsy mentioned a few rhythmic issues. Pat enjoyed Lisa’s dialogue and characters, but criticized the use of “concrete jungle” in a dream state. The obviousness of Izzy and Ana being the same person was discussed, and Alicia pointed out that the only reason why another story about 9/11 would come up was because they were related. Jerry mentioned that ten years was a long time for someone to still worry about their missing loved one; Andy mentioned the missing girls found in Ohio was a similar case. Everyone echoed that it was a strong piece, and a question arose: Who was first, Ana or Izzy?

Next was Betsy‘s conceptualization of “Alice’s Book,” which she said was a fictionalization of her mother’s life. She mentioned that she is using her mother’s diary as notes. She asked about the title; “The Locust’s Song” and “Cicada’s Song” were liked, and Andy suggested “The Autobiography of Alice Burke.” The preface was considered strong. The discussion shifted to fact versus fiction – what in this book will be based upon Betsy’s mother, and what will she make up? (more…)


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