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Writer’s Mail 4/5/2010
by Kimberly Simmons

I get a lot of letters from people. They say ‘I want to be a writer. What should I do?’ I tell them to stop writing to me and to get on with it.”  – Ruth Rendell

Last Week…
Fifth Tuesday draws ’ em

Twenty-three TWS writers and guests crowded into Booked for Murder Tuesday evening to enjoy what our Fifth Tuesdays are known for:  good food and good fun shared with good friends.

Twelve stories came in for the “Night in the Bookstore” writing challenge, including one contributed by our host, Sara Barnes who owns Booked for Murder. Sara also served as “da judge”. She read all the stories ahead of time – a blind read, no names attached to the stories – looking for the one that moved her most.

Her selection? John Schneller’s “Word War III”.  Said Sara, “It made me laugh.”

Our next Fifth Tuesday is June 29. Put it on your calendar. Second-and-fourth group hosts.

Imitation Is the Sincerest Form Of Flattery
Some people plagiarize while others light-heartedly copy. Some of these are well-known satires such as some of the jokes in Terry Pratchett’s funny fantasy. You can’t read through his books without tripping over some sort of obscure reference to classic fantasy, Shakespeare, and many other well-aimed jabs. Just as it takes a steady hand to trace it takes a sharp mind to parody.

Who says good writing can’t extend to rap? Many people, probably and I know I’m one of them. A rapper from my home state of New Hampshire proved me wrong this week, creating an excellent parody of Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind”, “Granite State of Mind” produced by Super Secret Project.  Here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bX7nQrCgALM   There is one swearword, although the author is considering removing it. (Imagine that, a rap song with only one swear word.) The word occurs at seconds 42 through 44, for those who would rather mute it. Other than that it’s a silly, well-written piece of music and I urge you to check it out. (more…)

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