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October 20, 2017


A Small but Boisterous Bunch

Eight members gathered at the Barnes and Noble Tuesday evening to discuss book chapters, social media, and semi-colons.

Larry Sommers (chapter 1, Immigrant Saga) – Tracey and others questioned the long unrelieved passages of travelogue-like Omniscient Narrator description and thought it would be a good idea to tie more of that material to Anders’ personal point of view. Jack questioned a few historical details and said the slave auction scene was clichéd and offered one or two ideas to make it less so. Good, useful comments from everybody. Thanks!

Mike Austin (chapter, Riding with the Reed Gang) – A lot of compliments for the writing.  Mike has posted the whole story. There were questions regarding the use of first person. What will happen when the first persons get together?

Tracey Gemmell (chapters, More of Less Annie) – The chapters were appreciated for their humor and ability to move the story along at a good clip. Pat suggested some great verb alternatives. She also wanted more descriptions of the dog. Bob wanted a better transition from tentative Annie walking to beach to her turning into Julie Andrews. Several members liked the dialogue between Rob and Annie though Rob may be too good to be true at this point! Amber provided some great insight into social media platforms. Tracey has to learn to tweet. Many thanks for the great feedback. (more…)


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