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Tuesdays With Story
August 6, 2015


We reviewed “Life On Hold” Chapter 64 and this is last chapter of Millie’s book. Every liked the last chapter. Cindi wondered if the last sentence could be  better left off, as a forgone conclusion that the happy couple would not spend the night sleeping.  Millie plans to write an epilogue to tie up loose ends of other people in story.  Cindi and Pat did not think necessary, but encouraged Millie to write and we’ll check out when she’s completed.

Poetry from Bob.  “Turns”, Cindi liked the pictorial images.  Asked about the “huntress moon” phrase.  Bob said it referenced Greek mythology with Diana, the huntress, with bow and arrow.  Group loved the description of passage of time by referencing nature’s changes.

“Driving At Night On A Country Road”.  Fleeting images on the road related to the relationship between writer and his wife.  Pat liked the “ghost dog” image.  Also, the line that refers to who is in the driver’s seat—nice depiction of emotions as well and the special feeling that comes with driving on a country road at night. (more…)

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