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Writer’s Mail

Writer’s Mail
January 2, 2013
By Pat Edwards

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next year’s words await another voice.” – T.S. Eliot
Happy New Year, writers! Because the holiday fell on Tuesday this year, 1st and 3rd first meeting of the new year will happen on the 15th.

TWS.com blog report
Tuesdayswithstory.com (and tuesdayswithstory.org – redirected to the .com domain) is technically a blog, not a web page. This week we received a report for 2012’s activity on our blog – a state of the union, as it were. https://tuesdayswithstory.com/2012/annual-report/ Very interesting!

This annual report reminded me to remind you all to review and update your personal web pages and blogs we link from TWS.com It also made me wonder, do we need a Facebook page? Should we Tweet, even if we’re not twits? Should we engage other media? Is our presence enough? A Google search initially brought me to TWS. A search today shows tuesdayswithstory.com at the third result. Let me know what you think. Like our blog, Facebook and Twitter, etc., are still free!!

12 Greek Words You Should Know
by Daniel Scocco
Along with Latin, Greek is probably the language that most influenced other languages around the world. Many English words derive directly from Greek ones, and knowing their origin and meaning is important. (more…)


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