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Tuesdays With Story
August 20,2015


Aug. 18th Meeting

Jerry Peterson’s chapters 9-12 from his crime novella, Killing Ham, drew two comments of significance.  First, when Carsarota steps on a Matchbox car with his bare foot, while coming down the stairs in the dark, it has to draw more than an ouch and a muttered swear word.  Casarota has to yowl, said several, because it really hurts.  Second, the title… “When I first saw the title,” Pat Edwards said, “I thought it must have something to do with the Bible story of Ham.”  In chapter 11, someone bombs a truck carrying hogs to a slaughter plant, thus the title, “Killing Ham.”

Lisa’s The Tebow Family Secret, chapters 34 and 35 were well received.  Jerry commented that the horse accident in Chapter 34 didn’t seem realistic.  He said that a buck wouldn’t run towards a horse as it would view the horse as a predator.  He also mentioned that if Izzy had hit her head on a rock, she may have been knocked unconscious and probably wouldn’t have remembered all of the details of her previous life at once.  So Pat suggested that Izzy should fall on dirt and that possibly the horse would be startled by a snake.  Everyone liked Chapter 35, mentioned that the ending definitely was a page turner. (more…)

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