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Writer’s Mail
Tuesdays With Story
July 17, 2012

Writer’s Quote:
“The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense.” ~ Tom Clancy

Tuesday at the B & N:
Andy Brown (chapter 1, Lo’s Quarter)
Judith-Wanted to know why everything was in caps? (It was an accident); Jim: Didn’t see a need for the word “passively”; Jen: Didn’t feel there was a need to explain why he was ok with parting with his uncle’s jacket; Pat: Enjoyed the chapter. Like’s Simon. Wanted to know was this a preview of another chapter. Wonders if there is time travel involved. Liked the description of Simon’s reaction to her ripping her dress. Can’t wait to read the next chapter; Alicia and Lisa: Thought it was too cryptic. As didn’t know it was a journal entry; Rebecca: wanted to know why he didn’t take the cell phone part with him; Millie: Wanted to know what the “Kendas” was. (Said this was explained in the prologue). Says it reminded her of “Contact” while Jen and Pat thought it was like “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.”; Lisa: Cut out some of the information about the people at the shop in the beginning; Rebecca agreed; Andy: Says we are supposed to be a little confused; Pam: Suggested he write in “bubbly girly handwriting” that Lo is writing in the journal.

Rebecca Rettenmund (chapter 9, The Cheese Logue)
Judith: Liked the one-ups-manship at the end. As did Pat; Pat: Loved the cup stuff, but that the baggy stuff was preachy. Lisa agreed. Pat loves the story as it is. Likes the daily slice of life; Alicia: Wanted more stuff. Likes that it reads like a diary, but still doesn’t get the concept. She understands the use of the diary, but needs to go for essays since these aren’t full stories. Wants to know what she learned from this experience; Rebecca: Explains that Isaiah and the cat have a character arch; Pam: Thought the Dory part didn’t fit; Lisa: Wanted to know why this chapter was important to the book; Alicia and Lisa: Thinks it needs to have a bigger purpose for the reader; Jim: Suggest that she walk away for a moment. Rebecca doesn’t like that idea. (more…)


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