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Tuesdays with Story
April 12, 2021

The first word . . .

Research is a wonderful word for writers. It serves as excuse for EVERYTHING.” –Rayne Hall

Tuesday evening on Zoom . . .

Six TWS writers came together this week, with a couple bow-outs for health reasons or heat reasons, one notably to “cool the dog,” which, we decided, would be a great name for a story. Here’s what was said.

— Amber Boudreau (chapters 9-10, Dragoneer, Book 2). . . Amber chose not to read from the massive number of pages she sent, setting the tone for the evening. Jerry questioned where she chose to end one chapter in particular: the middle of a scene. Amber struggled with how to add more of a pivot or change to the chapter ending and Kashmira suggested highlighting the main character’s emotional response at that moment might help. Larry brought up a good point about the description of the tyrant and where it fell in the ms. John wanted a little more description of the rat golem. Jerry enjoyed the way Amber reintroduced the book and the Librarian back into the story at the end of the chapters sent. 

Kashmira Sheth (chapter 2, Nina Soni, Snow Spy) . . . Kashmira submitted 2nd chapter of her Nina Soni, Snow Spy. Jaime and Larry thought it was age appropriate and true to Nina’s character. Amber suggest to bring in Jay to the keep that thread going.

Jaime Nelson Noven (chapters 10-11, Outsleep) . . . Jaime started with a question about the temporary shift in tone, and it was generally agreed that the shift wasn’t too jarring. We discussed how funny Rice’s comedy act should be, given her internal monologue is funnier, that she’s not a very successful comedian, and that her focus has been shifting from telling jokes to politics. We also talked about Rice needing an emotional thought toward the end of ch. 11, since this is the first time she’s seen anyone in this “dead” state. And we pontificated on society’s motivation for supporting the outsleep program. Thanks, all!


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