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Writer’s Mail

Writer’s Mail
Tuesdays with Story
October 2, 2018

October gathering

Eight writers came in to critique the work of five of our colleagues. Amber’s ginger snaps kept the evening, well, snappy. Here’s some of what was said:

Jack Freiburger (chapters, A Walk Upon The Water): I sent out a long read for the 4, including Black Ice, which the group had read early on. It was gratifying that while our hero/anti-hero is not necessarily likeable, at least he seems interesting enough to hold the reader’s attention. Larry and others noted that the melt-down scenes struck a chord.

Bob Kralapp (poem, “Passage from a Letter”):

Tracey Gemmell (chapter 4, Lavender Wine): Consensus: the chapter was entertaining and well-written. Isabella still steals the show but Claude is hot on her heels. The chapter answered questions for Meg as to how the children were taking Cassie’s move to France. Larry felt some switching between modes of transportation could be confusing. Cindi also noted poor driving skills on Cassie’s part. This needs clarifying because Isabella was actually driving. Jack noted some missed opportunities to tie Cassie’s emotional state to Isabella’s close shaves with tractors. Many thanks for your help. (more…)

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