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Writer’s Mail
September 18, 2014

“Most characters in everybody’s fiction have trouble with relationships. That’s just where the stories are.” – Lorrie Moore, short story writer/novelist (1957)

Notes from 1st and 3rd
Nine of us gathered around the tables to the side for an Author event. Andy Brown shared a little of his experience at GenCon this year.

Lisa reads from Chapter 21 of Tebow Family Secret. Judith liked it and thought she read the plot along nicely, but she was looking for some more descriptions at one point. Pat agreed because IKEA is overwhelming for people who have been there before and suggests some description of sensory overload. Amber’s interested in the similarities between her current experience and prison. Jerry doesn’t like the use of two flashbacks and instead wanted to be kept in the moment. Andy B. wanted more reactions on one person’s part at the beginning of Chapter twenty-two.

Amit reads from Chapter five of their as-yet untitled novel. Millie liked the descriptions right off the bat at the beginning of the chapter. Lisa loves the dichotomy of the chapters coming from Amit and Kashmira and applauds the contrast where each touch her in a different place. Pat enjoyed the chapter and, in particular, the point where the note goes in the tree, and that she doesn’t have to be told this is a way two characters sent messages to one another previously. Jerry wonders what would happen if the gardener had appeared at this point.

Pat reads a couple poems, The Critic’s Voice and You May Already Be An Old Lady. Andy B. likes the metaphors when she uses them and wishes she would use them more. Both Andy’s thought the word probably could go. Jerry thought it was okay. Andy B. thought it should start with a statement instead of quote. For the second poem, Pat tells us she doesn’t have an ending for it. Perhaps it should have started off funnier and then get more serious. (more…)


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