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Writer’s Maily
by Randy Haselow
February 4, 20110

Fifth Tuesday’s writing challenge . . .
Have you been sitting out the writing challenge? Just haven’t been able to get turned on to writing a short piece for Fifth Tuesday?
You need an incentive? Maybe a reward? How about an opportunity to have the first 50 pages of the novel you’re writing critiqued by John Galligan, published author and creative writing instructor at Madison College?
John will do that for you, but first you have to interview your character and distill that interview down to a dynamite piece of no more than 500 words. That’s the writing challenge for our next Fifth Tuesday, March 29.
Go ahead. Select one of your fictional characters – major or minor – and take her or him on an adventure, and the two of you talk. The best piece wins John’s critique.
This time there is an entry fee . . . $10. We’ll use all those $10 bills that come in to buy an outstanding dinner at a superb restaurant for you – if you are the winner – your spouse or friend, and John and his guest where you all will eat like royalty and discuss your writing.
Here’s the deadline. Email your mini-masterpiece to Jerry Peterson, no later than Sunday, March 20. On Monday, March 21, a reader, not a member of our group, will read the submissions . . . no names will be attached . . . and select the three best. The next day, on Tuesday, March 22, John will read the top three . . . again, no names attached . . . and select the very best of the best. And we’ll tell you who the writer of that piece is on March 29.
So you’re curious about that week gap between John’s judging and the announcement. During that week’s time, he’s going to be out of town. No doubt fishing. He does that a lot. Research for his novels.
All right, start writing, and next week, we’ll tell you who’s handling the money.
By the way, the first submission is in.
(thank you, Jerry)

Who’s up next . . .
February 8: Randy Haselow (chapter, Hona and the Dragon), Jack Freiburger (chapter, Path to Bray’s Head), Holly Bonnicksen-Jones (chapter, Coming Up for Air), Ann Potter (memoir), Kim Simmons (chapters, City of Winter), and Jen Wilcher (???).
February 15: Linda Meyer (chapter, Everything’s Going South), Jen Wilcher (chapter, The Hogoshiro Chronicles), Leah Wilbur (???), Clayton Gill (chapter 16, Fishing Derby), Greg Spry (chapter 4, Beyond Cloud Nine), and Aaron Boehm (screenplay/part 6, Hell Cage).
February 22: Terry Hoffman (chapter, The Tome), Carol Hornung (scene, Sapphire Lodge), Kim Simmons (chapters, City of Winter), and Anne Allen (chapter, A Fatal Homecoming). (more…)


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