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Writer’s Mail
September 3, 2014

“The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamoring to become visible.” – Vladimir Nabokov, novelist (1899-1977)

Notes from the First Week of September
Nine of us gather around the old oak tables at Barnes and Noble.

Millie reads from Chapter fifty-six of Life On Hold. Andy loved the cliffhanger at the end of the chapter, but he wants to know what one character is saying, we just read that he’s speaking. Amit suggests giving the character an action to be interrupted by the detectives coming in. Pat appreciates Millie finding the first name of a character from earlier in the story and asks if she knows of many journalists being lost in Cambodia. Millie knows there were. Jerry has a question about the phone call placed home from overseas. Kashmira wants to see some kind of physical reaction on the part of the main character at the beginning of the chapter.

Andy reads from the beginning of Chapter twenty-four of The Void. Judith had a question about who the chapter is about. Jerry wanted to know if the reader has to know where a character lived. Pat pointed out a redundancy and suggested telling us something odd about the house to give us some insight into the character. Pat doesn’t think we learn anything new about the character Andy intends for us to know more about. Millie wants to know how a character got so popular. Pat wants to know why this chapter is so pivotal, but most of us don’t like the character as much as Andy does. Kashmira thought the physical tags were a bit excessive in the scene Andy read.

Amber reads from Chapter Fourteen of Stone. They like the description of flying. Jerry thinks the chapter should really start four lines into it. Jerry also likes a particular point of the bird turning its head to see something. Pat wants to know how a human brain can function as the size of a bird brain. Kashmira thinks it has to do with consciousness. Also conservation of the mass could be explained by energy consumption. Andy’s not interested in the story, and wants more stuff to happen sooner. Kashmira wanted to see more flying and seeing the world and having thoughts about her own consciousness. Are there any other birds to be seen? Amit liked the synthesizing of similes and thinks there could be more to the end of chapter. (more…)

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