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Writer’s Mail 9/20/2010
by Kim Simmons

“A word is not the same with one writer as with another. One tears it from his guts. The other pulls it out of his overcoat pocket.” ~Charles Peguy

Last Week
“If you walk up to the bell, you’ve got to ring it.” — Terry Hoffman, on adding important details to a sexy scene . . . more on that later!

Once again pushed to the other side of Barnes & Noble by a reading done by someone who had the audacity to publish a book, we actually managed to zip through seven pieces! But first, congratulations to Anne Allen, whose article “A Bridge Between Two Cultures,” about Rosalie Dousman, who ran a school for Menominee children in the 1800s in Northern Wisconsin, was published in the Autumn 2010 issue of the Wisconsin Magazine of History. Well done! On to the readings . . .

Jack Freiburger read Lester’s story from The Path To Bray’s Head. Annie Potter enjoyed it – a true Irish tale, dark and funny! Anne suggested adding some action to break up the long narrative, though Carol Hornung thought maybe by giving the piece a chapter of its own, it could stand alone (wouldn’t need as much messy punctuation, either.) Toyed with the idea of using Miz instead of Ms – would fit better with Lester’s speech.

Carol Hornung brought in an overlapping scene from Sapphire Lodge, picking up before the last reading ended. Anne was quick to point out that for a story about a character with synesthesia, there wasn’t any color in the scene! Holly and Terry felt Saffi was being a little too calm after her experience to be thinking about tourist revenue, though the section was clearly important. Perhaps not in the right place. Jack liked the fact that she wasn’t ruffled by the blood and potential death and just wanted to kick back with a beer – could be the start of a particularly tough character.

Annie Potter read another scene from her memoir, which was really well done. Carol found a few typos. . . not much else to say! Holly Bonnicksen-Jones liked the dramatic scene of the step father dragging her out of bed. There was some repetition – the plan is told to the brother, Michael, then we see the plan unfold as told. Maybe drop some of the scene with Michael. (more…)


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