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Tuesdays with Story
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Quote of the week . . .
“Everybody wants to feel that you’re writing to a certain demographic because that’s good business, but I’ve never done that … I tried to write stories that would interest me. I’d say, what would I like to read? I don’t think you can do your best work if you’re writing for somebody else, because you never know what that somebody else really thinks or wants.”
STAN LEE, Brandweek, May 2000

“The first paragraph. The last paragraph. That’s where the story is going and how it’s going to end. Or else you’ll go off in a hundred different directions.” – HUNTER S. THOMPSON, The Paris Review, fall 2000

Our next Fifth Tuesday . . .
Oh yes, and it’s coming fast.

First-and-third group will host our next Fifth Tuesday on July 31, so lock the date in on your calendar. The place, though, is not yet set.

This will be more than our usual meet, greet, and eat Fifth Tuesday at which we also share writing challenge stories. We will have an “added value” component. More on this as we get closer to the date.

Tuesday at the B&N . . .
The Cheese Logue ~
Rebecca shared an updated version of chapter two. Terry liked the descriptions given but suggested other words be used for ice shavings – as in, how does ice scraping sound? Also, a reminder on telling vs. showing – if she was going to be late to open the shop the customers would also be late. Please describe agitated, and asked what is the universal question? Jen thought my at the end of the poem ought to be the, and also thought the word replacing was confusing. Andrea questioned why the characters were driving rather than walking; and why they would stop for a pack of gum when they were running late. Also felt the chapter needed a precise direction. The car roared to life yet nobody started the car…. (more…)

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