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January 21, 2010 by Cathy R.

“The essence of dramatic form is to let an idea come over people without it being plainly stated. When you say something directly, it is simply not as potent as it is when you allow people to discover it for themselves.” – Stanley Kubrick

Writing friends…

This group has been around for quite awhile—nearly a decade now. One former member and group leader, Ben LeRoy, founder of Bleak House Books and now Tyrus Books in Madison, says he was asked to take over leadership of an ongoing group of aspiring writers “sometime around 2002 or 2003” by Sherry Klinker, then the publicity manager at Barnes & Noble. Shortly afterward, the growing group split into the two sections we now have today. Ben recently offered to do a question-and-answer session with TWS members to share what he knows about books and publishing. Maybe in spring?

This week, news from another early member who continues to write and publish, Kashmira Sheth: I want to tell you my new book BOYS WITHOUT NAMES just came out yesterday. If anyone is interested I have posted pre-pub reviews on my website: http://kashmirashet h.typepad. com/

– Kashmira

Writing challenge set . . .

To your keyboards! First-and-thirders, our hosts for Fifth Tuesday – March 30 at Booked for Murder – have set the writing challenge: “A Night at the Bookstore.” (more…)


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