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Tuesdays with Story
July 7, 2017

Tuesday evening at B&N

No meeting on the 1st Tuesday – July 4th.  Hope everyone had a safe and sane holiday.

Who’s up next

July 18: Millie Mader (short story, part 2, “Stone Cold Stripper”), Eva Mays (chapter 13, Dhuoda), Amber Boudreau (chapters 27-30, The Dragoneer), Mike Austin (chapters 10-13, Riding with the Reed Gang), John Stephens (chapter 2), and Jerry Peterson (short story, “Aboard a PT”), Pat Edwards (chapter, Hero’s Journey).

Set up a Google Alert to do Research for You

Google alerts will send you new web postings for any pages, sites, new books, scholarly articles, and even ads that include your search terms. (more…)

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