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Writer’s Mail
October 6, 2017

Tuesday night a bunch of us sqooshed around one table at the Barnes and Noble.

Millie Mader read her poem, Innocence. A lot of good feedback and sadness about the subject of war. Some ideas for how to turn a line that referenced WWI into one that would fit into the stanza about WWII.

Tracey Gemmell read from her chapter 21 – 24, More or Less Annie ‘More or Less Annie’ is now the official title based on positive feedback. Chapters were considered well written and fast paced. The scene inside the cathedral provoked several interpretations. Jack suggested getting rid of many ‘she’ pronouns and giving a better description of St. Albans. Clarification of the meaning of NCIS, to delineate from the American meaning, was suggested.  Many thanks to all for your help.

In other news: Tracey’s presentation regarding her first novel, ‘Dunster’s Calling’, was well received at a library in the UK. She is currently learning how to write a query letter in order to reach out to an agent for her second novel. There are many resources online to help with this, but here is a link to one: http://www.writersdigest.com/online-editor/how-to-write-the-perfect-query-letter

Bob Kralapp read his short poem, Sunday Visit.  Most all enjoyed the small poem, with differing perspectives on “what it was about.”  Good to have Bob back with his poetry. (more…)


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