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June 15, 2016


The first word . . .

“I like thinking when I write. I just like having a headache, I guess.” – Sierra Jones, a reporter for the student newspaper at Janesville’s Franklin Middle School, in a story headlined Read (and write) all about it, Janesville (WI) Gazette, June 8, 2016


Who’s up next . . .

June 21: Mike Austin (chapter 4, Before I Leave), Millie Mader (poem), Hannah Marshall (poems), Amit Trivedi (chapter, novel), Judith McNeil (short story, part 2, “Just Visiting”), Nora O’Reilly (chapter 2, Bill McCormick’s Bliss), and Jerry Peterson (short story, “Take My Hand”).

June 28:

July 5: Pat Edwards (???), Randy Slagel (part 2, “Watered-Down Witch”), Amber Boudreau (chapter 3, The Dragoneer), Kashmira Sheth (YA novel, chapters, Journey to Swaraj), John Schneller (chapter 2, Final Stronghold), and Bob Kralapp (short story, part 2, “Wings”).


It happened Tuesday evening, last week . . .

Fourteen first-and-third writers gathered around the tables at B&N Westside. Here’s who was up and the critiques their work received: (more…)

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