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“Deus ex machina is a useful phrase to remember. It never works to have a new character solve the hero’s problem, or have fate step in, or a miracle, or God. If it is John’s problem, let him deal with it if he can or fail if that is what the story demands.” — Kate Wilhelm in Storyteller

Writing Friends

British science writer Dr. John Gribbin has authored more than 100 books which mainly have popularized science. However, his recent fame came by accident — Tiger Woods’ auto crash. News video showed Gribbin’s out-of-print Get a Grip on Physics in the wrecked vehicle.

Although the headlines reported “author’s sales soar,” that result described the rate of sales, not a high total number or dollar figure. Amazon only had 100 copies in stock and sold out in a day. As Gribbin himself explains in an ITN video interview, Woods’ accidental endorsement was no way to get rich: http://www.writerswrite.com/blog/1214091. Thanks to Alicia Connolly-Lohr for this item.

Resolve to write:  Thanks very much to Tuesdays with Story members for all contributions during December. However, 2010 is upon us: Now we need articles, news and information about writing, writers, words, publishing… and ideas for the January 7 issue of TWS News. Please send your material and suggestions to our next newsletter editor, Cathy Riddle, or post in our Yahoo! Groups file “Stuff for the Editor.”

Commit to edit: Even basic copy and content editing of TWS News provides practical lessons in writing. That’s not the only reason to help edit this newsletter for a month or so, but it’s one that will help you get published.  I’ve already snatched up editorship of August and December 2010 issues — I need the practice! — but  other months of TWS News remain open to new editors, including February, March, April, etc. Please join Jerry, Alicia, Cathy, and me! — Clayton

Last Meeting

On Tuesday, December 22, 7:00-9:15 p.m., five TWS Second-and-Fourth members and one guest — Anne Allen, Holly Bonnicksen-Jones, Jack Freiburger, Terry Hoffman, Patrice Kohl, and Clayton Gill (from First-and-Third) — met at Jack’s Hickory Knoll Farm south of Madison and enjoyed a glass or two of “solstice wine” during their literary discussions. (more…)


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