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The first word . . .

“Most people think of Stephen King as a horror author, but his best work usually comes with a side order of nostalgic Americana.” ―Stewart Stafford

Tuesday evening Fully on Zoom Once Again. . .

Five TWS writers—Larry, Jerry, Amber, John, and Jaime—filled our screens this week for a fairly short but meaty meeting filled with great ideas on how to improve the novels and pitching assets that were presented. Here is some of what was said:

Larry Sommers (synopsis and blurb, The Maelstrom) … John suggested starting the blurb with the last paragraph, making the first graf less generic and more pointed, and he had some better language for the second graf, describing Daniel’s relation to Anders and Maria in more visceral and causal terms. There was agreement that the synopsis was much improved from last time, touching all essential plot points. However, it still needs work to tie the disconnected plot statements more closely to an overall theme agents and editors would look for, as noted by Jaime. Thanks, all, for your good ideas.


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