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Writer’s Mail

Notes from 2/26/13 Meeting
Due to the horrific weather, only Andy, Katelin, and Jen attended. Jen opted to withhold her piece until a later meeting when more people could discuss it.

Katelin’s submission to Larry Brooks of StoryFix.com, The Battle of Sista was discussed and approved. Jen suggested rephrasing the “External Conflict” from Cassie’s point of view, as opposed to Traiken, to retain consistency. Andy suggested varying the protagonists and having conflict between them to create a more interesting story, which Katelin said she would be doing. Katelin disclosed that the story would be in third-person and the perspective would change between various characters’ heads.

Andy’s prologue and chapter one of People was perceived as difficult to read due to Blaze’s vehement hatred of everybody; Katelin compared him to Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII. It was suggested by both Katelin and Jen to depict college-age Blaze as someone frustrated with society, as opposed to outright hating it, and during college and afterward for his hatred to be fueled by the ignorance and hate of those around him. Minor fixes and the larger plot were discussed, but will be kept secret until a future meeting. Andy will be retinkering the first chapter and intends to share in two weeks’ time.
Thanks to Andy for the notes

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