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Tuesdays with Story
December 13, 2015


The first word . . .

“A well-told story is an arrangement of words and images that re-creates life-like characters, issues, ideas, and events in a way that promises dramatic fulfillment of our needs, and then delivers on that promise.”
– Bill Johnson, author and teacher (website: http://www.storyispromise.com/)


Who’s up next . . .

December 15: Alicia Connolly-Lohr (part 2, Ricin Unleashed), Kashmira Sheth (chapters 5-7, Nina Soni), Pat Edwards (3 poems), Cindi Dyke (chapter 24, North Road), Kashmira Sheth & Amit Trivedi (chapter 1 rewrite, novel), Bob Kralapp (???), and Jerry Peterson (short story, “Three Kings of Kansas”).

* First-and-third meets at Alicia Ashman Branch Library.

December 22:
* Second-and-fourth meets at The Chocolaterian Cafe.

January 5: Lisa McDougal (chapter 46, Tebow Family Secret), Alicia Connolly-Lohr (part 3, Ricin Unleashed), Kashmira Sheth & Amit Trivedi (chapter, novel), Judith McNeil (???), Millie Mader (???), and Kashmira Sheth (chapters, Nina Soni).
* First-and-third returns to Barnes & Noble Westside.


Goodreads and you . . .

Have you joined Goodreads? If you haven’t, you should. (more…)


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