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Writer’s Mail for July 25, 2011
by Jen Wilcher

“Fiction gives us a second chance that life denies us.” – Paul Theroux

Jennifer Hanson: For my story, I remember the question of: what was the trigger? (regarding the dream & memories) And Jerry felt it needed to be stronger than the scene at the beach. Someone also suggested the chapter needed a stronger cliffhanger, to keep the reader turning the pages

Aaron Boehm: Most seemed to think it was an exciting and briskly moving chapter. A couple people thought Paul’s reactions seemed a little off, but I said that was one purpose and you would find out more later. Greg wanted them to press him a bit more for information, and I said that is the next scene. I asked everyone if they thought it was odd that there were no women in this script, but no one else noticed it until I mentioned it. It seems to work fine, since the world of professional wrestling is a more masculine one, and no one thought I should force myself to add in characters if they weren’t necessary.

Who’s up next . . .
July 26: Liam’s 30th Birthday party.
August 2: Jim Cue (???), Greg Spry (chapter 8, Beyond Cloud Nine), Clayton Gill (chapter 17, Fishing Derby), Millie Mader (chapter 27, Life on Hold), Liam Wilbur (chapter, Scott & Rory), and Kim Simmons (chapter, City of Summer). (more…)


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