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Tuesdays with Story
Writer’s Mail
October 7, 2015

“The writer has to be responsible to signs and dreams. If you don’t do anything with it, you lose it.” – Joy Williams, from 2014, The Paris Review

Notes from 1st and 3rd
Kashmira submitted some poems from Turban Boy. Jerry and Lisa thought they will make a good edition to my other poems. Bob liked one part about friends being tangled up in your life. Cindi wanted to see all the poems.

Jerry (short story, “Floater”) – “Is that the end?” Bob Kralapp asked of the end of the story. “Yes,” said Jerry, “you know what’s going to happen after the brothers confess to the murder.” To keep “Floater” a short story, he said he had to make decisions on what to leave out. Jerry agreed that opens the possibility that “Floater” could be rewritten and expanded into a longer story or even a novella.

Lisa – Millie wondered why did Izzy need to go to the hospital. Kashmira liked the ending, found it intriguing. Thinks there needs to be more inner thoughts from Adam about how he’s feeling about Jessica and Izzy. Also, there should be more sexual tension between Adam and Izzy. Cindi, thought chapter flowed well. Some parts in phrasing could be changed. Jerry thinks Adam and Izzy are together because they had sex and that Adam’s going to have a big problem (later) getting rid of Jessica. Johnnie Walker too strong for two people to get have sex afterwards and should be changed to a bottle of wine from Aldi’s. Make Izzy a bit more hungover. (more…)


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