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Writer’s Mail

Writer’s Mail
September 10, 2014

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” – Maya Angelou

2nd Tuesday in September. . .
Deb read her children’s story “The Red Bear.”
Katelin suggested changing the last stanza to four lines. Ruth suggested making the seal is small and the lemming large, because a large seal might be too big for a baby polar bear to take down alone. How did the polar bear dye his fur red? Did he roll in blood from his prey? Find dye in a ship wreck? Stole it from a village?

Ruth shared some notes from the writing seminars she attended at Gen Con.
From the seminar “Writing 101:” Some tips on submitting your novel to publishers. Don’t submit until you’ve finished the novel. For traditional publishing, you don’t need to have it edited before submitting. For self-publishing, you need an editor. Submit to one publisher at a time and wait to hear back before submitting to another.

From the seminar “Finding Your Voice:” – Practice, and tap into the emotional wellspring that living your life creates. If you don’t feel a little uncomfortable with what you are writing, you are probably not writing in your voice. Don’t worry about things you’ve read influencing your writing – everything has been done before. Be confident that who you are will come out on the page. Your voice is unique. (more…)


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