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Writer’s Mail
May 26, 2011
by Pat Edwards

“Deliver me from writers who say the way they live doesn’t matter. I’m not sure a bad person can write a good book, If art doesn’t make us better, then what on earth is it for.” – Alice Walker

This Tuesday, May 31, at the Grumpy Troll, Mount Horeb, from 7-9pm. Guests Alex Bledsoe and Candace Gallant will talk about getting into the publishing business! Enjoy awesome food and drink, and please bring a dollar or two to help cover our guests’ meals. Carpooling is still available for folks who need it!

Six word challenge – We could use a few more! Six words to describe anything – your autobiography, your story synopsis, a character … send your six words TODAY.

Tuesday Night at Barnes & Noble:
2ND & 4TH convened in the back and discussed fantasy, Maine, and other sundry things…

Kime Heller-Neal read chapter 2 from Feathered. Carol was curious as to why the community had books, but didn’t have a newspaper. Jack felt the narrator was a bit too omnipresent – how did she know so much about the city? There were definite character traits to the narration, too – why is it “unfortunate” that so many people gather in the square? Liam didn’t find the character very likable in that she ditched the girl trying to be her friend. Kim suggested making occasional references to the main character’s physical characteristics to remind us what she looks like.

Jack Freiburger presented one of the last chapters from his novel, Path to Bray’s Head.
Kim wondered, “are you going to kill everyone???” Jen thought the sentence referring to the Argos was awkward, but Cole and Liam thought it worked – seemed like something someone would think. Carol wanted more build up to the cold and hypothermia. Randy wanted to know what “bitter water” is. He also didn’t think Sean’s mind would wander as much during the actual crisis, but Kime disagreed, saying that waiting until a lull in the action wouldn’t work as they would be planning what to do next.

Randy Haselow wanted some overall help with the actual story and characters in Hona and the Dragon. Jack thought the plot worked very well at first. Good start to an ecological fairy tale with the dragon protecting the earth from man. Kim wanted to be in Hona’s head more often. Likes it when she takes control and moves forward. Rebecca likes Firebreath’s purpose. But what does he stand to gain by helping fight in the war? Carol wanted more about Hona and magic. Why is she special? And what does she have to lose?

Kim Simmons presented Chapter 47 of City in Winter. We had an extensive debate about whether it really is faster to fly or march over a desert (where nothing is really in the way of the marchers, like mountains or rivers)? Liam was very confused about the time shifting and who is the father of who. Carol thought Ramses was a great warrior when he entered the scene, but he turned into a college professor at the end, only worried about classes and the break coming up. And where did Jamie get that cigarette? Rebecca wondered about Ramses bragging about his conquest of Ryoko and Jamie not really reacting. In a way that’s a bit offensive, though we know Ryoko wouldn’t let anyone “take” her without a huge fight. Jen liked the banter between the characters. (more…)


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