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Tuesdays with Story Newsletter
Third Week of March

Notes 3-19-13
Nine of us gathered Tuesday for the first time in 4four weeks since no weather could stop us!

Lisa starts us off with the beginning of Chapter ten of her novel, Follow the Yellow. Jerry tells us she can take out all the foul language. Jen disagrees; it should stay if it’s part of a person’s character But Jerry wonders, why offend your readers? Pat suggests a salty character isn’t bad to have and enjoyed the two chapters, saying they read fast and the dialogue was good. Rebecca thought the protagonist’s actions were out of character when he got in a hot tub naked. Jerry wants to know where the beer comes from in a scene on the phone. Pat enjoys the asides.

Millie shares chapter forty-two of Life on Hold, telling us she received a scathing review from Andy, who explained that he has missed a lot of the story and did not mean to offend. Lisa and Rebecca don’t understand why it’s strange for one character to show up at the end of the chapter. Andy suggests Millie elaborate. Jen had a question about characters popping up out of nowhere. Millie tells Aaron she tried not to have too many telephone calls back and forth.

Rebecca shares Chapter eighteen of her Cheese Logue. Amber likes the limerick. Lisa liked the chapter a lot, she had a hard time connecting some parts, but she really liked it. Pat enjoyed the stream of consciousness and back and forth. As long as each section stands on its own, it works for her. Lisa forgot who a character was when he appeared at the beginning of the chapter.

Amber shares Chapter nine of her YA novel. Pat had to look up a word! Gazeteer. Note to Amber, look up St. Martha (And St. George.) Andy wonders why Zephyr only hisses when he says yes. Jen wonders if Zephyr should have “claws” instead of “hands”. (more…)

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