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December 7, 2014

“The first sentence can’t be written until the final sentence is written.” — Joyce Carol Oates

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Dec. 2, 1st & 3rd
Cindi Dyke (North Road, Chapter 13) Pat Edwards thought that CC’s dialogue doesn’t sound like a man’s voice because he apologizes. Jerry also thought a man would have a nickname for his dog and call her Tess instead of Tessa. Kashmira pointed out that CC began his conversation with Kath saying that he couldn’t stay long, but he ended up staying which doesn’t make sense. Lisa thought the dialogue could contain a little more flirting between CC and Kath.

Jerry Peterson (chapters 4-5, “Rooster’s Story”) — “You had the brothers turn to a life of crime too soon,” Pat Edwards said, and other agreed. Homer and Harold Wright need to get $5,000 so they can bail their friend out of the hospital. All agreed the brothers have to probe sources other than getting a loan from the bank — they were refused a loan — before they consider stealing the money . . . and the decision has to pose a greater moral quandary for the elder brother, Homer.

Kashmira and Amit (chapter 9) More detail description (regarding milking the goat) would have made the scene more interesting. Tension created by the letter and its resolution is a bit ambiguous. Question was raised why would anyone read’s someone’s diary. Need to change word diary to Journal(?)

2nd&4th — no longer keeping reading notes

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