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Writer’s Mail

Writer’s Mail

Notes from 2/12/13 Meeting
Second and Fourth welcomed two new visitors, David Mayer and Andy Peiffer, who both enthusiastically joined in the discussion

We started with talk about the next Fifth Tuesday, which is in April. If anyone from 2nd & 4th has a suitable place to host it, please let me know ASAP. We tossed around some ideas for the writing challenge, including an April Fool’s Story, a story with a cliche for a title, or one cliche which EVERYONE has to use as their title, and so on. We also suggested a story using the title “Lirpa.” Most discussion will follow at future meetings.

Bill Eisigner took us back in time with his short story, “No Cub Scout.” Rebecca and Carol immediately needed to know how the dog was doing! Poor guy. Jen felt the story dragged a bit, that we weren’t really there in the moment. Andy suggested it could be a case of telling, not showing. Carol wanted to establish a deadline time for Billy to be home – we don’t know he’s late until, well, he says he’s late at the end. Also establish the time period of the story early on. David suggested using the last line as the first line and really focus on Gary’s image of a “bad” guy but show how he’s really a good and decent person.

Rebecca Rettenmund presented Chapter 20 of The Cheese Logue. David, as a newcomer, was pleased to be able to follow the characters and dynamic of the story even though he had no idea of what had come before. Carol liked how Isaiah was ducking questions by hiding behind his beer. Bill liked the concept of partners having to work harder to earn approval. And Katelin said to make sure earlier in the book that the relationship is established as good, just that Isaiah doesn’t want to hear her book. David suggested cutting out some of the directions that seemed to go with each line of dialog and let some of the dialog stand alone. (more…)


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