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June 8, 2011

Someone asked Tom Wolfe his advice for writers.
“I would say get out of the building and look around. I say, if you spent 30 days in any place in this country, I would say you would come up with material you never knew existed before.”

Tuesday at B&N . . .
Jim Cue rejoins the group from 2nd and 4th after several years. Another visitor, Jennifer, also joins the group (she writes poetry!)

Randy reads from a backstory he put together for Hona and The Dragon. Millie thought it helped her understand Hona’s story. Greg had a comment about the style. He thought it was a little difficult and pulled him out of the story. Aaron agreed it might be a little hard for young adults to follow. Jen wanted to know if this would be printed somewhere in the book. Kim thought parts of it would be revealed throughout the story – definitely not a preface – there’s too much telling, not enough description for Greg. Millie thought this was part of the Hona story and Randy tells us it has roots in this backstory. Rebecca thought it flowed, but she missed character development and thought it could have been describing dragon history, not the human history of the story.

Kim shares chapters 60 and 61 from City of Summer. Millie thinks Kim writes beautifully, but she still doesn’t understand – she thinks one character is another’s father, thought they were married at some point, but Kim explains some reincarnation has gone on. Rebecca suggests using the word reincarnation in the story – maybe several times. And Rebecca thought a scene of one character raising another would help. Jim suggested putting something on the shelf and letting it gather a little dust before brushing it off and reading it out loud. Greg wants to know what this has to do with James and who the antagonist in the story is. It doesn’t have to be a single character, but there has to be a conflict somewhere. Kim also lets everyone know she figured out why James is important to the story. Millie suggests a synopsis.
Aaron shares part 8 of his screenplay Hell Cage. Aaron gives us a bit of a synopsis to start. Millie thought it was interesting and she’s wondering how the demon is going to get out. Rebecca thinks the demon sounds a little haughty. Aaron says he should sound a little arrogant. Randy wondered why the demon just didn’t go for the blood when he had a chance. Jim suggests the blood might have to be freely given. Greg wonders how descriptive you’re really supposed to get in a script. Amber thought one character didn’t need to be shown bound and gagged. Greg asks if we know how the demon gets around from person to person. Jen asks what kind of power the residual demon would have. Rebecca is looking forward to demon wrestling. The more Randy understands the demon’s motivation, the more compelling the story becomes.

Amber shares chapter 21 from her YA novel. Bucktown needs grounding. And lots of other great comments I’m not fast enough to type. (more…)


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