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Quote of the Week
“If to love Story is to love excitement, then I ought to be the greatest lover of excitement alive.” — C.S. Lewis, On Stories

Tuesday at the B&N
14 people!

Rebecca shared the chapter “Treasure Hunting” from her Cheese Logue. Pat had a question about commas and quotes. Jerry wonders if the italic section should be set up the same way as the poem at the beginning of the chapter instead of as prose. Lisa and Jen liked the voice of the pirate. John says it’s the first pirate he’s heard of who wanted health insurance. Millie asks if Rebecca ever saw any fifty cent pieces at the cheese shop.

Liam shared chapter six of his novel. Judith liked the professional altercation that occurs. Liam wasn’t sure the student would report a slur so shortly after hearing it, but Millie was glad the student did. Clayton was surprised the principal would discipline a teacher in a student’s presence. Jerry agreed. Pat liked the way Liam slipped in the age of the character (centuries old) but in the next chapter he can’t talk to girls. Pat has to ask if there are really kids who don’t know who famous people in history were. Millie wondered why the girl is a senior at 11 years of age. Pat wondered about that, too. Pat also had a question about voice and pronouns. Amber covets Liam’s giant whiteboard!

Amber shared chapter one of her rewrite, Jerry thought this was much better than the first draft. Millie and Jen wondered if the first part could be in italics, since there was confusion regarding the fact that it was supposed to be a sort of cycle of events. Some mention of Alice in Wonderland. There was mention of a need for a break between the first and second part. (more…)


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