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Writer’s Mail
Week of April 8, 2014

April editor . . .

Andy Pfeiffer continues as the editor for Writers Mail this month. Next month, Lisa McDougal takes on the job.

Minutes from Tuesday . . .
Lisa McDougal read from Chapter 16 of Tebow Family Secret. Pat liked the racy sex scene. Jerry thought it felt a little summarized. Andy P. enjoyed the metaphors but felt that the sex scene came out of nowhere. Pat disagreed and thought what told us about the relationship of the characters was how they talked afterward. Andy B. expected a bigger reaction from one character and wanted an explanation for why there wasn’t one.

Andy Brown shared the beginning of his novel Man Before the Fall. Judith and others thought the language was really poetic. Andy P. liked the strong verbs used, but he wondered who the narrator was since it wasn’t very clear in the early pages. Lisa had a question about what kind of angel was introduced at the beginning if the story. Pat really liked it. The language was great; places where he didn’t use a power verb almost stand out. Jerry appreciated the fact that we were in another world and how Andy B. sprinkled in the rules for this world as he goes along.

John Schneller shared the beginning of the third novel in his series of books, Final Stronghold. Liam asks if paint is a breed or a color and if it should be capitalized or not. Pat thought the horse had all the best lines, but had a question about the wings. She thinks this version is much tighter. Jerry thinks this version is quite different from the first one. Lisa was confused by the names, only because they weren’t gender specific, but she thought it was very vibrant.

Judith McNeil reads from Chapter 12 of My Mother, Savior of Men. Jerry is looking for some specificity as to what kind of food what on the sofa cushion. Pat thought it was a great chapter for visual description. An in-depth description of freeze tag commences. Lisa feels bad for the main character. (more…)


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