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Writer’s Mail
November 11, 2014

Rebecca’s submission from Lookout

One reader felt that the description of the cat’s killing a pigeon was confusing. Hunting, for Rebecca’s cats, involves “muscle memories” of the prey, which add to the knowledge of the predator who consumes the head.

We discussed how to handle fantasy elements in this type of novel. Consistency in presentation can help the reader sort out what kind of info a passage holds. A recognizable pattern, consistent throughout the book, helps. In today’s sample, Rebecca had hit upon pattern that would work if she sticks to it: a paragraph in italics (this one a gripping little snippet from the last moments of the prey), followed by a Times Roman paragraph on the cat’s processing of the prey’s inner story.

Another element we discussed was cat vocabulary (in many cases English word compounds cleverly chosen to convey cat perception, as in hardwater=glass. Luvvit.) She’s considering creating some words that are not English, such as used by Richard Adams in Watership Down. (more…)

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