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Writer’s Mail for December 14, 2013

“An action taken goes on reverberating forever. Cause never ceases its effects. You can’t let go…. You can only change sides.” –Words of Padma, a supporting character in the Hugo Award winning science fiction novel Soldier, Ask Not by Gordon R. Dickson (DAW Books, 1967)

Tuesday Night at the Monroe Street Arts Center…
Eight Tuesday with Story members — Jen, Katelin, Karen, Terry, Holly, Ruth, Kristen, and Ryan — gathered for the Second-and-Fourth Group meeting Dec. 10 to hear and discuss the work of three members. Thanks to Katelin Cummins for reporting!

December 10: Holly Bonnicksen-Jones (chapter, Coming Up for Air), Deb Kellerman (chapter, Crossing Guard), Ryan Wagner (short story), and Carol Hornung (scene, Ghost of Heffron College). Meeting at Monroe Street Art Center, 2526 Monroe Street.

Ryan Wagner read five poems. Katelin liked “No to Holiday Shopping” and “Highlights of Livestock.” She said both communicated their concepts strongly and clearly. Jen and Kristen thought the first two poems Ryan read seemed linked. The first one seemed like “going through the motions and about to hit rock bottom,” and the second was like an awakening. Holly liked “Bad Circle” – especially its title — but the poem felt disjointed to her. Maybe that was good? In the second poem, Ryan read, Terry and Holly were reminded of the cult Heaven’s Gate with the phrase “gate of heaven.” Holly suggested not repeating the same words in the different poems unless with intentional effect: Make sure every word is the best word. (more…)

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