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“Don’t get it right, just get it written.” — James Thurber (1894-1961)


Writing Friends…

 Please join me in thanking our November TWS Newsletter editor Alicia Connoly-Lohn of TWS First-and-Third. She was first to make the flying leap to “newsletter-edited-by-another,” which took guts and brains, following Jerry Peterson’s long, long run of great newsletters. Together, Jerry and Alicia have made possible a smooth monthly transition to new newsletter editors. Thank you both!

 Wanting to write and wanting to meet other writers brought me to Tuesdays with Story. I was hooked during my first TWS First-and-Third meeting earlier this year. I figured Jerry was the easy-going sort of group leader and a grandfatherly sort of mentor. It wasn’t until my third meeting that he asked, “When are we going to see something of yours, Clayton?” I discovered Jerry was more serious than a fly-blown corpse about writing better himself and to helping others to write better, too. The combined effect of serious writers helping each other has done powerful good. Thanks to Jerry, Alicia and all the First & Thirders, I’ve learned a lot more about writing. 

 Now, after a long absence, Cathy Riddle has returned to TWS and jumped into the rotation of newsletter editors. She’s on-deck this month, reporting on group critiques. She’ll take over as editor next month. If I’m not poisoned by pen, I’ll have another go in August and again in December next year. Meanwhile, we’ll be recruiting editors for February, March, and so on.

Over the Top

 Remember The Three Stooges? In one episode, Moe, Larry, and Curly were misfit World War I doughboys. The Stooges were stuck with a battle-hardened platoon in a muddy, bomb-blasted bunker. Their officer ordered them all to line up at attention. Artillery shells exploded overhead. The officer told his men about a crucial mission behind enemy lines. It was going to be difficult and dangerous. Some may not come back alive. He then asked for three volunteers. The whole line of soldiers took a giant step backwards. Except for three.

 Come on now, charge over the top into the TWS Newsletter editor rotation. You’ll survive. You’ll probably enjoy it. You’ll get a commendation. Answer the call of editing. (more…)

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